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Dragonduck Creations

Maker of Things

Dragonduck Creations creates mixed media collage work inspired by dark themes and gothic art, the natural world, life and death. 


We work primarily in mixed media collage, incorporating natural elements of bones and dried flowers, as well as anatomical illustration, scrap paper, linoleum stamps, and more. We find ourselves at our most joyful when unburdened by limitation and constraints. We make what we make as we make it, and find joy in the process of creating as well as the process of finding materials.

The Dragon behind Dragonduck lives in a body filled with anxiety and self-doubt. The process of creation helps  to ground and grow through those negative feelings and to connect with the beauty of the world. 

The Duck behind Dragonduck finds joy in the dirt, growing beauty from toil.

Our work is a play between soft and hard lines, dark and light, big and small. We delight in juxtaposition and incongruous ideas. All at once we are both horrific and beautiful and creating art is an attempt to express those feelings.

Important descriptors include gothic art, goth, gothic wall art, vulture culture, dead when we met, ethically sourced animal remains, sustainable art, found materials

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