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Dragonduck Creations

Maker of Things


My work is informed by anything and everything that catches my eye. I am inspired by dark themes and gothic wall art, the natural world, life and death. 


Sometimes it's mixed media collage of natural elements like bones and flowers together in 3-D formats.

Sometimes it is colored pencils or ink on paper.

Sometimes I can't help but rip up paper and images and slap them together into a collage.

Sometimes I'm snapping photographs.

Sometimes I write words. 

I live in a body filled with anxiety and self-doubt. The process of creation helps me to ground and grow through those negative feelings and to connect with the beauty of the world. My internal landscape shapes the work I create, like a visual dairy of my emotions.

I adore contrast - I like to play with soft and hard lines, dark and light, big and small. I love juxtaposition and incongruous ideas. All at once I am both horrific and beautiful and my art is my attempt to express those feelings.

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