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A Fire Endless - Book 1 of 2023

Hello 2023, you kicked off with a much anticipated sequel. I jumped for joy when A Fire Endless showed as an add on to my Book if the Month. In 2022, I loved A River Enchanted, by Rebecca Ross and have been waiting so very patiently for the conclusion. I was extra grateful to have this book in my hands as my health struggled. While my energy and focus were taxed, my investment in the story kept me reading throughout January.

A Fire Endless delivered a beautiful ending that I both excepted and absolutely could not have fathomed. Adaira, Jack, Torin and Sidra each played roles that were perfectly suited to their characters and growth and yet delightfully unexpected. Ross took each character's greatest weakness, amplied it, and made it into a strength.

The last few chapters had me so emotionally invested that I was brought to tears. If that doesn't tell you to get out there and pick up these two books, well, I don't know if anything will.

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