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Black Sun - Book 1 of 2022

One of my goals for the new year was to read more - at least one book a month. I started Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhouse on New Year’s day and set myself a goal of 100 pages a week, which I met! I finished the book today and was super happy with this being my first book to get me back into the swing of reading.

Black Sun is a wonderfully woven tale featuring powerful characters with amazing skills. There are gods, sea-faring adventure, magical powers, love stories (queer ones at that!), giant animals and magical creatures, as well as political intrigue and subterfuge. While the initial chapters are a little slow in establishing the characters and storyline, the book really takes off about halfway through and I found myself happily reading beyond the 100 page goal.

While the book ends in a way that promises more to the story (the second book comes out in April), I’m not sitting here biting my nails and wishing the next book was already in my hands. I was surprisingly satisfied with the end of this part one. I cannot wait to see the next phase of this story, though, and have already put in my pre-order for part two (Fevered Star). If you’re a fan of LGBTQ representation, disability representation, magic, and fantasy worlds with complex competing religious systems and governments, definitely check out the Black Sun.

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