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Honey and Hemlock - Book 5 of 2023

Did you think I forgot I have a blog? Well you were wrong! I've just been so focused on making art and selling art that I stopped updating said blog...

Did you think that I had stopped reading? You're half right... I have been slowly and carefully working my way through Honey and Hemlock by Eli Gardner since January.

This is not my normal read - this book of poems is heavy and deserves attention and breath. And that is what I gave it. I love poetry but it is so much easier to read prose. Poetry takes so much more time to digest than a thriller.

Like every poetry collection I have ever read, there were some poems here that I read multiple times because they spoke to me that deeply. Here for the Demon Screams and Lightning in Trees were my hands down favorites. Others dealt with a Christian god that just doesn't resonate with my Jewish soul. That's ok - that's right - that's how it should be.

If you like poetry, check it out. It is worth the slow consuming pace.

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