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Mexican Gothic - Book 6 of 2023

For my birthday this year, my sister gifted me a copy of Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. The description my sister gave was elements of mystery, surrealism, and magic. And I will say, Mexican Gothic delivered what was promised. This was the perfect read to keep me still and captivated during my two hour infusion.

The writing gives me the same feeling that Gabriel Garcia Marquez gave me when I first read his work. The prose is delightfully vivid as you follow Noemí from the city to a rural estate, High Place, as she attempts to rescue her dear cousin, who appears to be mentally ill. Noemí is a frustrating hero - and a terrible hero at that. She is self centered and hard headed, and almost impossible to cheer for, but she is devout in her mission to rescue her cousin.

Quickly she finds herself unraveling a magical mystery of the house and the family to which her cousin has joined. Haunted by visions and nightmares, Noemí is a less and less reliable story teller. As a reader your drawn into the madness just as she is. When she finally untangles the secrets, the truth of the family and of High Place is something that creeps under your skin and sticks in your mind. I finished this book several weeks prior to writing this review and I still find myself captivated by the outcome.

If you love the magical realism of 1000 Years of Solitude, you have to give this one a read. Absolutely captivating and mentally twisted in all the best ways.

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