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The Cubicle - Part 2

Shortly after I posted my last entry, my health impacted my plans to travel to the office regularly. Not to mention the holiday schedule for Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas break. That doesn't mean I'm not working on the cubicle transformation though! I've been collecting up pieces that I will be including and I'm super excited for how this is progressing. Want to see some sneak peaks? None of these links will make me any money or are sponsored in any way. These are just the items that I'm personally excited to use.

The most important thing that I have done is determined that I cannot stand the coffee that the office provides. I already had these beautiful hammered copper canisters by Uncommon James and decided to make use of them. These will hold my ground coffee and tea and make it look beautiful.

The second piece is a way to brew my own coffee. Enter the elegant Bodum pour over. It's simple. It's classic. I got the 17 ounce capacity so it'll brew a perfect cup of coffee just for me.

Last, but surely not least, is the mug. You can't have great coffee without a great mug to drink it. This one is obviously all about personal preference but I always prefer a hand-made mug when possible. Check out this gorgeous piece that was made by my super talented mother. If you're looking for your own gorgeous pottery, you can check her out at High Bar Pottery

I put them together in the overhead cabinet. This is just a corner view until I finish the whole area. I also want to add a tray beneath them just to bring some visual interest.

What do you think? Is my cubicle coffee issue solved?

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