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Weird Places for Gratitude

Before starting Dragonduck, I was looking to supplement my income and I found myself neck deep in a network marketing (MLM) situation. Unlike most people who end up there - I actually turned a profit, primarily from actually using and selling the products.

This post isn't about the dangers of network marketing, though. It's about being grateful for that experience.

Most small businesses don't set up their business and hit the ground running. Most don't make their first sale on the day they launch their website. Dragonduck did. In under a year, I quit a well paid full time job because I could smell the success of this business.

I don't mean this to brag - in fact, this is about how I did it. You see, when I was a network marketer, my up-line put in serious ground work to train us on how to post without sounding like a scam, how to grow a following of actual connections on social media, how to do in person markets, and how to close the sale. I spent six years selling wellness products as training for the art business of my dreams.

So, as I used to say all the time as a distributor - Thank you It Works. You didn't give me financial freedom, but you did teach me the tools to make it happen on my own.

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