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Health Update - Thoughts on the Third Infusion

After the first two infusions, I was feeling better but so far from normal. I was terrified that the third dose would be helpful but still not magical. So many people told me that the third dose is the one that makes it all clear - if this is the medication for me, I would know with the third dose.

Well, I got my third infusion a little over one week ago. And in the past week, I have found that my fears were definitely unfounded. Since this flare started in December, I have struggled to do so many things. After this infusions? Well it's all looking up.

I hadn't changed my nail polish since New Year's Eve. I was finally able to do my nails a week after the infusion. I had been too swollen to wear my engagement ring - which was sized after my psoriatic arthritis onset but before I started treatment - and now I can! I'm still too swollen for my wedding band, though, but I have hope it will fit again before too long. I've managed to actually do the dishes. I vacuumed my bedroom. I started making art again. All of these things were simplest impossible without this medication.

That's the good stuff. Unfortunately, I'm still much more easily fatigued than I used to be. I am limited still to how intense my work can be. I painted a set of mini easels for art display purposes and my hands were stiffening up and I was dropping everything after less than an hour of that work. I can make art but I need to take much more frequent breaks.

I'm hopeful that I will continue to at least have this level of function. My next infusion is in 2 months. My next rheumatology appointment is the same day. We'll have insight into my inflammatory markers at that time. Hopefully the trend will be for the best!

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