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Thoughts on the Second Infusion

On Friday, I was back to the infusion center. The first infusion wiped me out for a couple days after and the second infusion did the same. I'm still mostly exhausted, one of the most frustrating features of a psoriatic arthritis flare, and that is not getting better as quickly as I would like. However, I can feel my inflammation going down now. My feet are significantly proving and I was even able to take a 15 minute walk yesterday and do a 15 minute yoga flow today!

My hands are still swollen, stiff and easily fatigued. This makes creating anything impossible, which is frustrating. I still can't sit at a computer and work. I have managed to scramble some eggs but Duck is responsible for nearly all the cooking. Holding a book becomes painful after a short time - same with my cell phone. Wearing compression gloves helps but I'm still not close to back to normal in my hands.

All in all, I do believe the infusions are helping. The next loading dose is at the end of February. I have been told that the third dose is the magic dose - if I am to see relief, I will know it after that infusion. Please keep crossing your fingers for me!

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