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Long Live the Pumpkin Queen - Book 11 of 2022

Follow me further down the rabbit hole that is my love of Shea Ernshaw's books. I'm not even going to pretend that this is unexpected. Long Live the Pumpkin Queen follows Sally Skeleton, after her marriage to Jack, as she unravels a mystery and saves the world. Yup. It's a continuation of The Nightmare Before Christmas and if you know me at all you know that is my favorite.

So, what makes this book so great? Well obviously Sally having her own story is a huge plus. She's off on her own adventure, dealing with complicated thoughts about who she really is inside while coping with her new title as Queen.

She discovers a new tree and unleashes a monster and a mystery. The journey she takes changes everything she thought she knew about the world and herself.

If you enjoyed The Nightmare Before Christmas - pick this up. It's a young adult so it's a light read and it definitely keeps you engaged throughout. Like the other Shea Ernshaw books I have read, I read this in short order and didn't want to put it down. On to the next one!

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