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The Cubicle - Part 4

We were scheduled to return to the office on a hybrid schedule begining January 3rd. My cubicle design plan and decisions were built around getting my space as comfortable as possibly by the time everyone was back through those doors in January. But just like the rest of this pandemic has proven, flexibility is key and the best laid plans are definitely subject to change.

Thanks to Omicron and the current virus surge, our hybrid return to the office has been rescheduled until April 1st. This means that I took last week and this holiday week off from my cubicle makeover plans. Why invest all the energy when I have 3 more months to achieve the look I want?

Don't worry - if you're invested in the final product, it will get finished eventually! But it means I have even more time now to do some of the more complicated bits that I wasn't sure if I would be able to achieve. I cannot wait to continue this project and turn bland and uninspired into my personal vision of an awesome office space.

In the meantime - these super adorable print arrived this week. I got one for me and one for my husband, Duck, to hang in his office. In fact, we each picked a favorite print from this artist and are swapping. He'll hang the swirlly spilled coffee by his deck and I'll take the plants to mine. It's a little sweetness for us to look at and think fondly of the other. Yes, we're sappy people. Love the prints? Check out Jimmy Tan on Society6!

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