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Fevered Star - Book 7 of 2022

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I FINALLY got the mental space between life and work to sit down and read a book this weekend. And I was super excited to finally sit down and devour Fevered Star by Rebecca Roanhorse, which is the 2nd installment of her pre-Columbian influenced tale of gods and magic. The first book in the series is Black Sun. which you'll remember I absolutely adored and I have been anticipating Fevered Star since I put that book down in January.

And did Fevered Star live up to my internal hype? Yes and no. Yes - more fabulous representation of a magical world of gods, the political turmoil that results from humans messing with magic beyond their understanding, and so much more. The development of the interpersonal relationships and mixing of characters from previously unaligned story arcs was spectacular. Every time I think I've picked my favorite character, someone does something new and magnificent and I am thrown into turmoil again. This is the best kind of turmoil, though, when you're simultaneously rooting and hating all the characters in your story in new and different ways.

So what didn't live up to the hype? The story isn't done yet! After years and years of disappointment in waiting for the next installment of a fantasy series (looking at you Rothfuss and Martin, plus so many others), I do my best to avoid starting a new and unfinished series. The curse of starting and falling in love with a time, place and people only to have their stories never completed is exhausting and profoundly disappointing. I can only hope that Roanhorse will not only complete the saga, but quickly as I am waiting on baited breath to see what becomes of Tova.

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