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New Beginnings

While my health flared this year, I spent a lot of time thinking about my future. What if the infusions didn't work? What if they only partially worked? Would I be able to return to a full time job? Would I need to consider applying for disability? Where would that leave my dream of owning a small farm?

After countless discussions with Duck, we decided it was time to rethink my career. I left my full time job of almost 3 years at the end of February and officially embarked on a journey of self employment.

I started focusing more on my art, diving into finding grants, art exhibits and vendor events to apply to in order to make art my primary income. While I grow that business and establish myself as an artist, I'm also working as a technology consultant. I'm working on projects including quality testing and virtual meeting support, so far.

I'm excited to have more flexibility in my schedule and more time to do what I love. Keep your eyes on the website for my upcoming events and exhibitions. And if you need a short term tech consultant, reach out! We may be able to do business.

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