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What Lies in the Woods - Book 2 of 2023

Last year, I gifted myself a subscription to Book of the Month for my birthday and while I didn't finish my TBR, I did love selecting my book and reading the majority of the ones I recieved, so I renewed for 2023!

My January book choice was What Lies in the Woods by Kate Alice Marshall. Absolutely loved this one! Loved as in started reading in the morning and would not go to bed until it was finished.

I found myself remembering my own childhood best friends and a game we played at recess that was very similar to The Goddess Game in many ways. Making up an elaborate fantasy world and setting ourselves on quests was spectacular. Luckily for us, we didn't find ourselves in the same place where someone tried to murder one of us.

The plot revolves around Naomi desperately trying to find the truth about what happened to her when she was 11, solve the mystery of Persephone, and answer the question, did she put the right person in prison? The book unfolds beautifully as Naomi struggles to place her past, her friends, the other towns folk into perspective as she explores the identity her would-be killer.

There were a couple twists that I was certain I had figured out before Naomi. I was right about several - and wrong about one major plot twist. I won't tell you anything to spoil your adventure. I will however tell you that you should absolutely read this book if you enjoy a good murder mystery.

Check this title out at Book of the Month and get yourself the gift of a subscription. If you sign up through my link, I get a free book which just means I will keep telling you want to read!

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