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New Art Explorations

I had an idea to expand my art offerings out of the creepy and unusual and into a broad class appeal. I know that what I make is beautiful, and the right buyers are out there for every single collage and shadowbox. (Check out the Shop if you're not familiar with my art). That said, I want to be able to bring myself and my art to a wider variety of market places and that means having some offerings that have more mass appeal. But I don't want them to lose my personal style and voice.

The result? A series of collages using a linocut stamp that I created of an anatomical human heart and brightly colored card stock to create rainbows of hearts! I love love love what I have been creating and they still feel very true to me.

I'm having a ton of fun with these collages and I love that these are so readily scanned and turned into different product offerings. I've even added a print on demand option for my friends and fans to shop for these! You can check them out at my Society6 shop.

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