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The Parlour Keyport - Visiting Artist Installation

I'm so excited to announce that I have officially created my largest collection of shadowboxes to date, with a central theme, to be hung as a group but also sold individually as a visiting artist installation.

Earlier this year, while vending at Darkforce Fest in Parsippany, I was approached about putting together an installation to grace the wall of a newly opened shop in Keyport, NJ. The Parlour is an adorable shop in the thick of downtown that caters to all your curiosities, oddities, magical, haunted needs. I immediately made a plan to travel to the shop to check out the space and mentally prep for this amazing show.

As expected, I was enamored with the shop, the owners, and the neighborhood. I immediately set to work cleaning bones that had been gifted to me by a friend and plotting out how I would create a theme instead of individual pieces. Once clean, I needed to source larger boxes for some of the bigger bones as well as all the flowers. The installation space is purple so I knew immediately that my art needed to match. I decided on purples and pinks with whites and greens to round it out.

I worked continuously on this from April until just yesterday when I finally went back to Keyport to hang the installation. It turned out better than I could have imagined. I am so proud of this work and so excited to share this amazing place with the world.

If you're on the shore, or near the shore, or just looking for something to do - head over to The Parlour on Main St in Keyport. They're open Tuesday through Sunday afternoons (visit their website for exact hours). And be sure to check out the rest of downtown Keyport while you're there: The Metal Music Shop, Reimagine Home Design, 3BR distillery and of course the waterfront promenade are some of my favorites!

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