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The Writing Retreat - Book 3 of 2023

Another Book of the Month victory here! My February choice was The Writing Retreat* by Julia Bartz. High marks for this fast paced thriller. What could possibly go wrong when a group of writers is selected to spend a month at the isolated home of a world renowned author?

Alex finds herself with a dream come true, to attend an exclusive writing retreat. Immediate twist, though, is that her ex-best friend will also be there AND Alex has had writers block since their friendship break up.

The retreat is way out in the middle of nowhere, hosted by Alex's major feminist horror inspiration. Things get personal, and fast, as the group finds out the retreat has some extreme rules and a major reward. The writers push themselves to create their best book, pitted against each other to win a publishing deal, when the snowstorm hits. Cut off from the rest of the world, one of the writers vanishes. Alex finds herself frantically trying to decode the sinister goings on at the retreat.

This book definitely grabs you and keeps you entertained. There are several unexpected twists and surprises throughout the story to keep you on your toes. For me, though, the ending felt a touch rushed and there were a few threads that I felt could have been better woven through the story. All in all, though, an absolutely excellent read. Plenty of excitement, betrayal and murder to make a really fun read.

*if you sign up for Book of the Month through my link, I will recieve a free book credit

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